Kartik month seva suchi 2023


The Padma Purana describes the month of Kartik as Krishna’s favourite month. Devotional activities performed during this holy month are rewarded with greater spiritual results than usual so devotees often take vows to increase their spiritual practices or to simplify their material needs for the entire month. It is a way that they can remember Krishna more and increase their service to Him.

दीप सेवा - Deep seva INR 30000
घी सेवा - Ghee seva INR 40000
Vaishnav bhojan seva INR 7000
मदिर सजावट सेवा (Temple Decoration) INR 30000
बाती सेवा INR 5000
नित्या अन्नदान सेवा INR 10000
सम्पूर्ण दिवस सेवा INR 25000