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Appearance Day of Rasikananda

November 5 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

In the Christian year 1590 (Sakabda 1512), on the first day of the bright fortnight of the month of Kartik, during the night of thefestival Dipamalika, when the houses are decorated with rows of lamps, Sri Rasikananda Deva made his appearance in this world. His father was Sri Acyuta Deva, the king of Rohini. Afterpassing many years without having a male issue, Sri Acyuta Deva, bythe mercy of Sri Jagadisa (Jagannath), was blessed with thisjewel of a son. The village of Rohini or Royni was situated within the country known as Mallabhumi, encompassed on one side by theSuvarnarekha River (Suvarna meaning golden and rekha, a line). ThisSuvarnarekha River cleansed the sins of all the local people. Near Royni was another village of the name Barayita, by the side of which flowed the Dolanganadi River, whose banks were adorned with beautiful gardens.Raja Acyuta Deva very affectionately maintained his subjects and was famous for impeccably observing the rites attendant upon kings.In the village of Royni the son of King Acyuta appeared as the sunappears in the eastern sky and became dearly beloved by the people.He was known as Rasikananda and also Murari. As he grew up, shining qualities appeared by degrees in his person that caused the furtherexaltation of his family, just as the waxing moon gradually expands its influence in the night skyand causes the sea to rise. At a very young age he became quiteproficient in all of the scriptures. He was very devoted to hisparents, especially his mother, whose name was Bhavani. His fathermarried him at very young age. Murari’s wife Syamadasi was a mineof good character who hailed from the village of Ghonta Sila, not far from Royni on the banks of the Suvarna Rekha, where in days ofold the Pandavas had lived in exile. One day, Murari was sitting in a lonely place, wondering when and where he might become so fortunate as to get shelter at the lotus feet of a spiritual preceptor. Just then a voice from the sky addressed him, “Don’t bein anxiety, you will become the disciple of Sri Syamananda.” Having heard this proclamation, Rasik Murari became very jubilant, andbegan to repeatedly murmur the name Syamananda, as though chanting japa. From moment to moment his eagerness increased without diminition, as tears flowed from his eyes by his chanting of the name of Syamananda. He was in such a state that he spend most ofthe night sleeplessly, calling to his master Syamananda. Finally, towards the early morning, he drifted off to the land of dreams,where he saw his spiritual master, the very figure of charm and grace. Smilingly, Syamananda informed him, “When tomorrow theeastern sky becomes tinged with pink, you will obtain me.” Sayingthis, Syamananda disappeared. Rasikananda’s heart began to swell inecstatic bliss. Then, with the first rays of morning which dispelthe dense darkness of the world, the wise Murari sat silentlywatching the path. After some time Syamananda approached from the distance, looking as beautifully effulgent as the sun andsurrounded by his disciples like Sri Kishora dasa and others.


November 5
8:00 am - 5:00 pm