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Appearance Day of Sri Madhvacharya

October 15

For twelve years Madhyageha Bhatta would regularly travel the eight miles north from his village of Belle to Udupi. There at the Anantesvara temple he would pray for a son.
One day a devotee in a trance like state climbed the temple flagpole and announced that to reestablish the purest principles of religion, a male child, an incarnation of Vayu, the demigod in charge of air, would soon be born. Madhyageha understood within his heart that this would be his own child. Soon his wife, Vedavati, gave birth to a son. The happy couple named him Vasudeva.

From infancy Vasudeva showed extraordinary intellect, so much so that he was given brahminical initiation at age five, three years early. Whatever he heard or read, even just once, he could remember. His body was unusually strong, lustrous, and beautiful.

At age eleven, Vasudeva left home for Udupi, to live with Acyutapreksa, an ascetic widely respected for his scholarship and saintly character.
After one year, despite strong protests from his father, Vasudeva renounced the world.
Acyutapreksa named him Purnaprajna.


October 15