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Appearance Day of Srila Vrndavana Dasa Thakura

June 7

The mother of Srila Vrindavana dasa Thakura’s was Sri Narayanidevi, the niece of Srivasa pandita. In his Sri Caitanya Bhagavata,Vrndavana dasa has described how his mother attained theaffectionate fervour of Sri Gaurasundara.
“Narayani devi received the entire remnants of Mahaprabhu’smeal. Though she was only an insensible child he bestowed His mercyon her in this way.”
Also as a result of this mercy, Srila Vrindavana dasa Thakura,whose life and soul was Sri Gaura-Nityananda, took his birth fromher womb.
He hasn’t mentioned the name of his father. It is believedthat Narayani devi was married to someone at Kumarhatta. However,while she was still carrying the child in her womb, she waswidowed. Being reduced to a condition of poverty by the loss of herhusband, she finally accepted shelter in the house of Sri VasudevaDatta Thakura, at Mamgachi, where she helped with the housework.Here Vrindavana dasa began his studies.
In the preface to Sri Caitanya Bhagavata, Sri BhaktisiddhantaSarasvati has written, “Narayani devi raised her child in the homeof the father of Sri Malini devi where she had acceptedshelter.”


June 7