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Appearance Day of Srimati Gangamata Goswami

June 20

She was the only daughter of King Naresanarayana of Puntiya in the district of Rajsahi (now in Bangladesh).
During her childhood she was called Saci.
She was endowed with a religious temperament from youth and within a short time Saci became conversant with Vyakarana, Kavya and various scriptures.

When Saci grew up, her beauty and grace charmed everyone.
However, Saci felt no attraction for any man however handsome or wealthy he may be.
Her heart belonged to her Madanagopala.
When she came to know that her parents were concerned about her marriage, Saci very firmly told them that she would never marry a mortal being.
The king and queen were so disturbed by their daughter”s decision that they both passed away, leaving Saci to shoulder the responsibility of running the royal administration. She performed her royal duties for some time, but after a short while she set out on a pilgrimage, leaving the royal administration in the charge of her relatives.

Saci could not find peace of mind anywhere.
Finally in her search for a sat-guru, she came to Puri.
She felt inspired after spending a few days there and then left for Vrndavana.
There Saci had the good fortunate to meet Haridasa Pandita, an ardent devotee of Gaura-Nitai and a disciple of Ananta Acarya.
Saci fell prostrate at the feet of Haridasa and with tears in her eyes prayed for his refuge.

Haridasa tested Saci’s conviction:
“Since it is not possible for a princess to practice bhajana in Vrndavana without relinquishing all worldly possessions, it would be better for you to go back and perform your bhajana at your own house.”
Although Saci understood the significance of Haridasa’s remark, she did not pay and heed to his words and instead, continued performing her bhajana with great renunciation.
Gradually she gave up wearing costly garments and refrained from using any ornaments.

One day Haridasa said to Saci, “If you can give up your sense of pride, dignity, and fear and go out in Vraja with a begging bowl (madhukari), then and then only the divine grace shall be showered upon you.”

Saci was very pleased to hear Haridasa’s advice and from then on went out regularly on madhukari, covering herself with only a tattered garment.
Despite being dressed as vairagi, when she went from door to door in Vraja, her graceful appearance led people to believe that she was not a common woman.
Saci gradually became very thin and looked emaciated.
Nevertheless, she went on with her daily routine; bathing in the Yamuna, cleaning the temple yard, parikrama, attending arati and religious discourses.


June 20