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Disappearance Day of Sanatana Goswami

July 24

In his Laghu-Vaisnava-Tosani, Sri Jiva Goswami has mentioned their family lineage beginning with Sri Sarva, who was a yajur vedi brahmana, Bharadvaja gotriya, from Karnataka. His son was Sri Aniruddha deva who had two sons Sri Rupesvara and Sri Harihar-deva. There was apparently some altercation between the two brothers, who had different mothers (Aniruddha deva had two wives) as a result of which Sri Rupesvara along with his wife and eight horses, came to Paulastya desa, where he was befriended by the ruler of that land, Sri Sekaresvar. Sri Padmanabha deva, the son of Sri Rupesvar was extremely learned in all the Vedas. He came with his family to live at Naihati, on the banks of the Ganga. He had eight daughters and five sons. His five sons, following in the footsteps of their predecessors, were very expert in the study of Vedas. Their names were Purusottama, Jagannatha, Narayana, Murari and Mukundadeva. Mukundadeva’s son, Sri Kumara deva, being oppressed by some of the other family members, came to live at Bakla Candradvip. Sri Kumaradeva had many sons, amongst whom Sri Amar (Sanatana), Sri Santosh (Sri Rupa) and Sri Vallabha (Anupama) were great devotees.

Sri Sanatana was born in the Christian year 1488 (Sakabda 1410). He, along with his brothers, began his studies from their maternal uncle’s house, in a small village, Sakurma, near the capital of Gaura-desa.


July 24