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Disappearance Day of Sri Sivananda Sena

July 12

He was a Vaidya by caste.
In his past incarnation he was Vira Duti.
(GGD. 176).

His Sripata was located at Kumarahatta at Halisahara (Pata Paryatana).

Sivananda had three sons named Caitanyadasa, Ramadasa, and Paramanandadasa (Kavi Karnapura).
Sivananda was one of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s intimate associates.
As directed by the Lord, he escorted the Gaudiya devotees to Nilacala every year, providing them with food and lodging along the way.

During one pilgrimage to Nilacala a dog joined their party and Sivananda took personal care of him, even paying extra fare to allow the dog to across the river along with them.
One night Sivananda was detained for sometime and arrived at the camp late in the evening, only to find that the dog had not been given prasada and, despite a thorough search, the dog was nowhere to be found.


July 12