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Disappearance Day of Sri Vakresvara Pandita

June 16

Sri Vakreshwar Pandit was present with Sriman Mahaprabhu duringHispastimes in Navadwipa and after his acceptance of Sannyasa healsoaccompanied Him to Jagannath Puri. During the time of theLord’s residence in Puri he continued to live withHim there aswell. Sri Vakreshwar Pandit took birth in the villageof Guptiparanear Triveni. He was an especiallyproficient dancer and kirtaniyaand could dance continuously for 72hours.

When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu began His pastimes ofcongregationalchanting of the Holy Name of Sri Hari in Navadwip,Sri VakreshwarPandit was an important singer and dancer in thatassembly. It wasby His mercy that Devananda Pandit was deliveredfrom the wrath ofMahaprabhu. He was also present during the Lord’sjourney toRamakeli. Devananda Pandit was, at one time, known as theforemostlecturer on the Bhagavat. One day Srivas Pandit went tohear hisdiscourse, and being moved in ecstatic love by hearingtheBhagavatam, he began to cry. A few of the ignorant studentsofDevananda Pandit, thinking that this was creating adisturbance,removed Srivas Pandit from the assembly and left himoutside.Though this was done in front of Devananda he didn’trestrain hisstudents from this act of disregard to the devotee -Bhagavat.


June 16