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Disappearance Day of Srila Rupa Goswami

August 19

In the conclusion of his Laghutosani Jiva Gosvami has given some biographical information in which he explains that Sarvajna is seventh in the ascending genealogical line from Rupa Gosvami.
He was highly respected amongst the brahmanas of Karnataka, thus he was also referred to as “Jagadguru.”
Being a brahmana from the Yajurveda clan, who are descendants of Bharadvaja, Sarvajna was a erudite scholar of all sastras and theological treatises.
Attracted by Sarvajna’s scholastic ability and admirable qualities, students flocked from different parts of the country to study under him.
Sarvajna was also a king.
Sarvajna’s son, Aniruddha, was a great Yajurveda scholar and was admired by all.
Aniruddha had two wives and two sons.
His sons were Rupesvara and Harihara.
Rupesvara became theologically astute, whereas Harihara became skilled in the use of weapons.


August 19