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Jhulan Yatra Ends

August 22

One of the most popular events in the holy town of Vrindavan,India – where Lord Krishna appeared 5,000 years ago – is the celebration of Jhulan Yatra, the Radha-Krishnaswingfestival. In Vrindavan among the local villagers and inhabitantsthis festival lasts for 13 days. In Vrindavan this is one of thebiggest festivals of the year and Vrindavana is very crowded atthis time, literally hundreds of thousands of people fromsurrounding towns and villages visit Vrindavan over this period inthe auspicious sacred month of Shravana (July-Aug). Opulence orsimplicity, but often the swings are made of gold or silver.

In Sri Vrindavan for five days, in many of the 5000 temples there,the small Utsav-vighraha functional Deities (Vijay-utsav bera) aretaken from the altar and placed on an elaborately decorated swingin the temple room. After receiving the traditional arati worship,the Deities are pushed on Their swing. Membersof the congregationare invited to participate. Each person offers flower petals andpersonal prayers, and then pushes the swing several times as theother members chant Hare Krishna, Jaya Radhe Jaya KrishnajayaVrindavan, or Jaya Radhe, Jaya Jaya Madhava dayite in kirtan. Theatmosphere of this festival is especially sweet as everyone has thechance to intimately serve Radha and Krishna.


August 22