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Pasankusa Ekadashi

October 17, 2022

The glories of Pasankusa Ekadasi which occures during the waxing moon in the month of September/October is described in Brahmavaivartha Purana in the conversation between Lord Krishna and Maharaj Yudhisthira.

Maharaj Yudhisthira said O Madhusudan what is the name of the Ekadasi that occures during the waxing moon in the monthof September/October. Please be kind and explain this to me .

Lord Krishna replied, O best of the Kings! The name of this Ekadasi is Pasankusa Ekadasi. Now please hear from me the glories of this Ekadasi which distroyes all ones sins. Some people also callthis Ekadasi as Papankusa Ekadasi. One should specially worship lord Padmanabha onthe day of this Ekadasi. This Ekadasi awards a person the heavenly pleasures liberation and his desired results. Just by chanting the holy namesof Lord Vishnu one can attain all the peity of visiting all the holy places on the earth. If a conditioned soul inspite of indulging in varioussinful activities due to illusion takes shelter and offers obeisances at the lotus feet of Lord Hari who is expert in delivering the fallen souls thensuch a person does not have to go to hell.


October 17, 2022