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Putrada Ekadashi

January 24

The fantastic glories of Putrada Ekadasi are told in the Bhavisyottara Purana, they cannot be vilified by any means. This Ekadasi occurs in the waxing moon of the month called Magha (December/January).

Sri Krsna said to Maharaj Yudhistira: “Oh my dear King, the Putrada Ekadasi is very great; It’s power is incalculable. Anyone who practices penance by abstinence of eating on this day, receives immeasurable benediction from the Personality of Godhead. All ones sinful reactions are eradicated and great wealth, fame and sagacity await with folded palms, eager to serve one who observes this Ekadasi.

“There was once a great city named Bhadravati, and a revered King named Suketumana ruled that land. His principle queen was Saivya and she was exquisitely beautiful. Despite being surrounded by great material opulence the maharaja was despondent, for they had no son. The King and Queen spent much time performing religious activities, with a hope to one day conceive an heir.


January 24