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Saphala Ekadasi

December 30

Saphala Ekadasi takes place during the waning moon of the Pausa month – December/January. The glories of this Ekadasi are insurmountably great. Actually there is no way to extol the divine results of observing Ekadasi; but still they are given in the Brahmananda Purana. Sri Krsna said to Arjuna: “Oh best of the Bharata lineage, just as Lord Sesa is best among snakes, Garuda is best among birds, the horse yajna is best among sacrifices, the Ganges is best among the rivers, Sri Visnu is best among the demigods and the brahmanas are best among human beings; so, among all vows of austerity the day of Ekadasi is best.

There was once a famous king named Bahuldan who lived in the city of Hirosena. He had four sons and a very beautiful wife. Among the Kings sons, the eldest and most valiant was named Nalaka. This Prince Nalaka was extremely sinful. He would often blaspheme the Vaishnavas, the brahmanas, the demigods and he was attached to gambling. He would also regularly visit the houses of prostitutes. Consequently his father King Bahuldan exiled him to a far away land.

Being exiled far from the kingdom Nalaka lived in a vast jungle. He would eat wild berries and truffles, roots and shoots, raw meats and mushrooms to survive. At night he would sometimes return to his fathers kingdom and steal from the citizens houses. Despite his stealing the citizens were unable to stop him due to his being the son of the King.


December 30